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Canmping Europing is within easy reach of numerous towns in the Tuscia area, such as the fascinating historic centre of Tarquinia.
Tarquinia is dotted with Medieval towers (Santa Maria in Castello is particularly worthy of mention), Romanesque churches and a beautiful town hall located in front of an elegant 18th century fountain. A visit to the Etruscan Necropolis is truly a must, with its inestimable painted tombs, a Unesco World heritage. The National Etruscan Museum is a depository of an ancient civilisation shrouded in mystery which has left us with countless testimonials of their culture, customs and traditions.

The Vulci archaeological area is located approximately 20 km away and is home to a wonderful Medieval castle (preceded by an Etruscan-Roman bridge) which contains a museum. All these attractions are nestled in beautiful Maremma countryside landscapes dotted with ruins of Etruscan-Roman cities and vast necropoli. Tuscania is also within easy reach, home to the churches of San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore, rare examples of proto-Romanesque architecture. The museum of Santa Maria del Riposo is also worthy of mention and contains rare collections of Etruscan sarcophagi. The historic centre is animated by picturesque trattorias and art workshops.

The eternal city of Rome is just 60 minutes away, home to world-famous attractions such as the St Peter's Basilica, Colosseum and the Vatican Museums.
The Medieval cities of Viterbo, Orvieto and Pitgliano are also characteristic destinations, along with Civita di Bagnoregio "the dying city".

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